Founded in 1992, Timberland Partners’ first acquisition was a modest 46-unit community in Mounds View, Minnesota that was purchased out of foreclosure. Today, our investment portfolio is over 12,500 apartment homes. Our commercial real estate portfolio consists of 416,000 square feet. We employ over 330 full and part time employees and have formed 62 partnerships with more than 500 investors.

At Timberland Partners, we pursue the acquisition of real estate with hidden value. Hidden value may exist in the form of changing market conditions, a rapidly expanding employment market, or a well-planned and timely property renovation and re-positioning. Hidden value can also be found in an under-performing asset, which will benefit from a revamped and more aggressive management approach, better suited to the existing market conditions.

We co-invest along with our investment partners in every acquisition we make. Each of our property holdings is solely managed by the Timberland Partners team and we only manage properties that are in our portfolio. This is one way of ensuring that our properties, and therefore our partners‘ investments, are properly cared for in order to maximize returns.

Our primary goal is to build mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe partnership is more than just a financial transaction, it’s building enduring and meaningful relationships – with residents, vendors, team members, and investors. We are committed to the utmost integrity, exceptional service, and clear communication with all the different people we work with and work for.


We recognize that investing in real estate is a commitment of goodwill and faith between partners. A partnership may exist for only a few years to take advantage of an opportunity, or it might last a decade and beyond. Whatever the length of the relationship, a sound partnership requires clear, regular and honest communication.

As your partner, we are committed to scrupulous honesty in all of our dealings. To ensure that all partners participate in an open and free exchange of information, all investment  partners will receive periodic reports on each investment. All the news surrounding the asset, be it wonderful or of concern, will be shared with you quarterly to ensure that the status of your investment is current and up to date.

To our partners, we promise to handle all of the affairs of our partnership to the highest ethical standards. Our primary goal is to build enduring and meaningful relationships. We do that by working to maximize both the value of the properties and the return on your investment.