Vendor Program

The Timberland Partners Vendor Relations Program will help current vendors conduct business with maximum ease and help new vendors reach the requirements to begin doing business with us. We strive to create an environment of mutual benefit with everyone we come in contact with including our residents and commercial tenants, our team members, our investment partners, and our vendors.

The Vendor Relations Program features centralized management and storage of important documents, such as insurance certificates. We minimize the amount of paperwork needed to perform work at multiple Timberland Partners properties. We do the tracking and monitoring, while you enjoy an enhanced ease of working with Timberland Partners.

Please see the following requirements for vendors who wish to do business with our residential communities and commercial properties:

  • Supply a current W-9 form, signed and dated.
  • Submit proof of adequate insurance coverage. What kind of coverage do I need?
  • Sign a Vendor Service Agreement.
  • Timberland Partners is now utilizing DocuSign™, which is a free, user-friendly application that will help you electronically sign documents from a smartphone or computer. It also allows you to digitally store your records of contracts and change orders on the business you do with Timberland Partners. No more paper, pens, scanners, faxes, envelopes, postage, or delays!

For a complete copy of the Timberland Partners Vendor Service Agreement, please email the Vendor Relations Department at [email protected] and provide your business name and industry.